Who We Are

Rennova Health is a single-source healthcare solutions company driven by innovation.


We are a vertically integrated public healthcare holding company. We focus on serving essential healthcare categories, especially those with unmet needs and significant opportunities for innovation-driven solutions.

We develop and operate forward-thinking businesses, systems and services to support better treatment outcomes, more cost-effective patient care, and optimized revenue streams. We are committed to providing unmatched service excellence across our entire suite of solutions while building on the best medical science and innovative technologies available. We also maintain the highest standards of corporate transparency, fiduciary responsibility, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

Suite of Solutions

Our diverse solutions include industry-leading diagnostic laboratory testing and analytics for precision medicine, specialized and streamlined EHRs and other essential software services, and comprehensive medical billing and financial services for enhanced revenue cycle management. 

High-complexity diagnostic testing laboratories

Our Medytox Diagnostics subsidiary owns and operates five high-complexity CLIA-certified labs strategically located across the country. These labs specialize in urine drug testing for prescription medications, drugs of abuse and comprehensive pain medication testing. They also offer testing services in the areas of clinical chemistry, toxicology, hematology, immunology, serology, bacteriology and esoteric testing services such as neurotransmitter testing, with a wide range of sampling options that include our proprietary methodology.

Setting the bar high for laboratory services

Medytox labs offer superior services in logistics and specimen integrity, faster turn-around times, and access to Advantage, our proprietary, user-friendly laboratory ordering and reporting software. Our labs are supported by a full professional staff and the most advanced analytical technology, including ultra-performance LCMS, with additional certifications such as the COLA Laboratory of Excellence Award (COLA's Highest Commendation) and the State of Florida's AHCA Clinical Laboratory License for Non-Waived High Complexity testing.  We are continuing to build, acquire or enter into binding relationships with high-complexity laboratories across the U.S. to better facilitate our customers' needs.

In-house billing services

Our comprehensive medical billing services company, Medical Billing Choices (MBC), operates as the in-house billing company for all Rennova Health businesses and labs. Using modern methods of electronic claims processing, MBC’s main focus is to expedite tasks such as verifying insurance eligibility, submitting claims and collecting payments, with the intent of maximizing profit and eliminating any outside costs for billing.

Mission Statement

Rennova Health will offer healthcare providers a single source for invaluable solutions through an ever-expanding group of strategic brands that work in unison to provide remarkable products, services and resources. Our goal is to create empowering, efficient and innovative solutions by putting the needs of healthcare providers and their patients at the center of everything we do.


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