Rennova Health's Response to COVID-19


As CEO of Rennova Health, Inc. Mr. Lagan brings over 20 years' experience in the restructuring, development and management of startup and small companies in both the private and public sector. The company secured the services of Seamus Lagan through a consultancy agreement with Alcimede LLC. and was initially retained by Medytox Solutions, Inc. in May 2011.  His role was to find a new business opportunity for the Company and he has been instrumental in forming the structure of and securing the funding for the Corporation to develop its business plan. Mr. Lagan was the CEO of the two main Subsidiaries of Medytox Solutions, Inc. since their inception; one that managed the sales and marketing efforts of the Company and the other that completed the acquisitions and development of the Company's Clinical Laboratories. It is with Mr. Lagan's guidance, expertise and practical approach to business that has allowed the company to grow into what we now know as 'Rennova Health, Inc', after the merger in late 2015 with Nasdaq listed CollabRx, Inc.

Kristi Dymond brings over 18 years’ financial experience to the Rennova Health Team. Prior to joining Rennova in 2014, Kristi worked in her family business in the funeral industry overseeing the daily operations of the firm and managing all financial activities and prepaid trust accounts. She also spent three years working for a non-profit organization as a bookkeeper. Kristi attended Florida Atlantic University.  Her main role in Rennova Health is to manage accounts payable and oversee cash management for Rennova and its subsidiaries.  She also maintains a system of policies and procedures that impose a valuable level of control over financial activities within the company.

Karen Taylor has 20 years business operations and management experience.  She is responsible for implementing human resource management strategies that enable Rennova Health to recruit, train, and retain a high performing and motivated workforce. Karen specializes in talent management, employee relations strategies,  benefits programs, training and development and leadership development. Ms. Taylor holds a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and a Master's degree in Leadership.

Levonda brings over 10 years’ experience in multiple areas of HR including Recruitment, Payroll and Benefit administration.  Prior to joining Rennova, she worked as a Compensation Specialist for a large national healthcare organization.

As the initial voice and face of the Rennova Health HR department, Levonda works with potential employees and existing employees on all HR inquiries, recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and benefit administration.

Ms. Harris holds BSc. in Political Science from Winthrop University.

Dr. Angel Giraldez is the Interim Chief Executive Officer at Jamestown Regional Medical Center and oversees all compliance activities for our hospital division.   Dr. Giraldez received his Master’s in Business Administration in 2012 from Florida International University, Miami, FL, after having previously completed studies at Purdue University, Kaiser University and Miami Dade Junior College.

He began his career within the Healthcare Industry as a Managing Partner in 1987 in Doctor Care HMO before acting as Vice President and President in Medical Practices. More recently Dr. Angel Giraldez has acted as President / CEO at Palm Springs General Hospital in 2015 before becoming an Independent Healthcare Consultant.