Revenue Cycle Management

Maximize your profitability with an accurate and efficient billing process.


Healthcare is becoming more capital-intensive and financially complex for healthcare providers. Our technology-based medical billing solution may enhance your revenue cycle management through simple and efficient insurance eligibility verification. This process produces the submission of more accurate claims, which is a critical element in driving faster reimbursement and fewer denied claims.

Key Features

  • Dedicated billing & collections
  • Dedicated follow-up team 
  • Detailed claims denial follow-up
  • Electronic claims clearinghouse 
  • Customized AR reporting & analysis
  • Platinum customer service


MBC’s comprehensive billing services include expert determination of proper medical codes across specializations, and an innovative customer-centered workflow.

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All solutions can be seamlessly integrated to work together or easily integrated into your existing workflow.

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Rennova Health offers a complete solution, with faster turnaround times and more reliable and accurate results, in a manner that is safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant in all respects.

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