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Through an ever-expanding group of strategic brands that work in unison to empower customers and patients, we are creating the next generation of healthcare.


Rennova operates three rural hospitals and a rural clinic in Tennessee and a rural clinic in Kentucky, providing industry-leading diagnostics and supportive software solutions to healthcare providers.



Rennova Health owned facilities provide a 24/7 needed service to local communities in Tennessee.  Healthcare reform and increased regulatory matters are making healthcare more complex and challenging than ever. We have embraced these demands by implementing an exceptional management team to implement strategic goals with the objective to provide top quality care for a patient and create a financially sustainable hospital services model.

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Diagnostic Solutions

Diagnostic Solutions

We own and operate two labs based in East Tennessee, providing lab tests for patients and healthcare providers in rural areas.  Our comprehensive services range from a full range of clinical testing to information solutions for superior outcomes in precision oncology and personalized medicine.

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Rennova Health offers a complete solution, with faster turnaround times and more reliable and accurate results, in a manner that is safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant in all respects.

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