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Platinum Financial Solutions

Flexible lending solutions to improve your cash flow.

Platinum Financial Solutions

Many healthcare providers are struggling to make their practices profitable as they try to respond to ongoing changes in their payer mix and reimbursements while also adapting to increasingly complex regulations and data requirements.

Platinum Financial Solutions helps practices maintain a positive cash flow and overcome the impact of slow-to-pay patients and changing reimbursement protocols.

Cash flow is essential to effective revenue cycle management.

Platinum Financial Solutions offers specialized loans to physician practices—collateralized by their accounts receivable or through the acquisition of their qualifying accounts receivable at a discounted value.

Platinum's working capital loans are secured by your accounts receivable, inventory or other assets such as real estate, equipment and intellectual property. Advance rates are determined based on an analysis of the appropriate metrics for each collateral class, including accounts receivable dilution and the assessed value of tangible assets. 

Platinum Financial Solutions Benefits

No past due penalties

Most factoring companies charge fees and penalties past the collection date. Platinum Financial Solutions does not charge these types of fees or penalties.

Bonus incentives

Platinum Financial Solutions offers clients bonus incentives including a percent of the collections that are above and beyond the original commission.

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