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Rennova Health is bringing together diverse companies, products and services that offer innovative ways to address the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Each offers unique, indispensable services to enhance your patient care and profitability.


We’ve partnered with some of the most superior companies to bring medical providers the services they need to efficiently run their practice.

  • Medytox Diagnostics

    Known for providing superior toxicology solutions to substance abuse treatment and pain management providers, Medytox Diagnostics has expanded our first-class diagnostic testing capabilities and cutting-edge technology to offer state-of-the-art clinical blood and esoteric testing services. View Brand
  • Medical Billing Choices

    It’s estimated that doctors in the U.S. fail to collect $125 billion each year due to poor billing practices. View Brand
  • Advantage

    Laboratory tests are vital tools for diagnosis and patient care. View Brand
  • Medical Mime

    The advances in healthcare technology and electronic health records offer significant benefits. View Brand
  • ClinLab

    You depend on your laboratory equipment to work perfectly every time. Your LIS should too. View Brand
  • CollabRx

    Until now, the tidal wave of genomics data and potential treatment options has overwhelmed even the most dedicated clinician. View Brand
  • Platinum Financial Solutions

    Many healthcare providers are struggling to make their practices profitable as they try to respond to ongoing changes in their payer mix and reimbursements while also adapting to increasingly complex regulations and data requirements. View Brand


Rennova Health offers a complete solution, with faster turnaround times and more reliable and accurate results, in a manner that is safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant in all respects.

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