Medical Mime

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Medical Mime

The advances in healthcare technology and electronic health records offer significant benefits. But as many providers have regrettably discovered, overly complex systems add unnecessary time, cost and burden. Medical Mime simplifies healthcare technologies to better serve your needs, allowing you to focus on your patients instead of your software.

Key Features

  • Dictation-based platforms
  • Subscription model pricing
  • An OCR scanner for capturing patient demographics 
  • Electronic prescribing 
  • Simple, icon-based navigation
  • Customizable forms and documents
  • An integrated, HIPPA-approved fax server
  • Automatic code generation 
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Complete billing service
  • Dashboards for monitoring patient and practice health 
  • Charting systems integrated into the EHR system through a single interface

Solutions that fit within your natural workflow

Our suite of uniquely optimized solutions include a specialized EHR for substance abuse and behavioral health providers, a dictation-based ambulatory EHR for physician practices, and advanced transcription services. All Medical Mime solutions intuitively facilitate natural clinical workflows and are 100% secure, HIPAA compliant and designed to run on a single database.

Web based, integrated and affordable to implement

Using Medical Mime requires minimal training and eliminates your need for IT staff and expensive hardware. Our highly efficient solutions allow complete mobility with remote devices and apps, and facilitate your revenue cycle management to improve cash flow and profitability.

Medical Mime Suite of Solutions


Dictation and transcript


EHR for medical providers and practices


EHR for substance abuse and behavioral health

Medical Mime offers EHR solutions that:

  • Provide specialized content, useful prompts and streamlined functions 
  • Intuitively facilitate your natural clinical workflows 
  • Enable narrative notes that tell a patient’s full story to enhance clinical decisions 
  • Offer seamless integration of clinical and administrative functions, including lab testing and medical billing 
  • Meet Meaningful Use requirements, are ICD-10 ready and enable 98+% accuracy in documentation
  • Save hours of time daily with easy-to-use, elegant interfaces and full mobile access 
  • Facilitate revenue cycle management to improve cash flow and profitability
  • Include superior customer service and 24/7 tech support.

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