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Medical Billing Choices

Minimize errors. Streamline your billing. Optimize your cash flow.

Medical Billing Choices

It’s estimated that doctors in the U.S. fail to collect $125 billion each year due to poor billing practices. Medical Billing Choices may enhance your revenue cycle management through simple and efficient insurance eligibility verification. This process produces the submission of more accurate claims, which is a critical element to driving faster reimbursement and fewer denied claims. Medical Billing Choices offers expert determination of proper medical codes across specializations, and a customer-centered workflow that minimizes errors and streamlines billing cycles.

Key Features

  • Higher payment rates
  • Work denials and appeals 
  • Reduce employee turnover and personnel issues 
  • Lower write-offs financial discussions
  • Improved cash flow
  • Ensured billing compliance 
  • Reduced staffing costs
  • Reduced internal administrative costs
  • Reduced billing errors

Seamless electronic claims processing

Medical Billing Choices offers seamless electronic claims processing to Medicare, Medicaid and all major U.S. insurers and PPOs.

Medical Billing Choices Solutions

Timely, flexible reporting

Provides the data each client needs to strategize and plan for growth

Knowledgeable, effective denied-claims appeal

Increases cash flow and stops the practice of routine denials

Success-based commission model

We bill a percentage of collections, so your costs are aligned with our performance

Expert coding for unsurpassed accuracy

Helps drive faster reimbursement and fewer denied claims

Practices benefitting from medical billing choices

  • Cardiology/Internal Medicine
  • Family Practices
  • Pain Clinics
  • Speech Therapy Practices
  • General Surgery Practices
  • Behavioral Healthcare Practices
  • Podiatry Practices
  • OBGYN Practices
  • Rehab Treatment Facilities
  • Orthopedic/PT Practices

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