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Information solutions for superior outcomes in precision oncology


Until now, the tidal wave of genomics data and potential treatment options has overwhelmed even the most dedicated clinician. CollabRx is changing that with information solutions to help cancer providers deliver the most appropriate care at the right time for the right patient. We provide evidence, interpretation and therapy guidance to enable superior clinical outcomes in precision oncology.

Key Features

  • Recruits experts and key opinion leaders to lead Editorial Boards
  • Converts information into knowledge and personalized therapy options
  • Finds and analyzes information on therapies, clinical trials and diagnostics
  • Makes assessments and recommendations accessible through Web-based and mobile applications
  • Provides a visual representation of the relationships between biomarkers and therapies, based on the strength of evidence and the biological basis for actionability.

The CollabRx GVA™: A fully automated decision support solution for labs

Our Genetic Variant Annotation service (GVA™) is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that extends a laboratory’s in-house genomic testing and bioinformatics capabilities to deliver reports that are actionable and support timely, standardized and evidence-based oncology care.

Fast and simple to use, labs upload the results of their next-generation sequencing (NGS) or other platform output and our GVA™ system does the rest—analyzing and identifying mutations or variants that are “actionable” in connection with the observed variants and specified diagnosis, and assembling a structured dataset of summaries, evidence, references, drugs and relevant clinical trials. Every GVA dataset is reviewed by CollabRx’s internal experts to ensure quality and accuracy. Labs can subsequently filter and format these datasets to create customized reports for their ordering physicians.

Decision-support tools for patients as well as providers

As genomic testing becomes the new standard of care, cancer patients also need help to navigate the complex landscape of oncology therapeutic options. CollabRx is one of the few companies developing solutions for patients, as well as labs, payers and providers. We are currently updating easy-to-use mobile and web-based tools to help patients and providers collaborate as they determine appropriate molecular tests, explore alternative treatments and identify drugs and clinical trials based on molecular criteria.

Our proprietary knowledgebase

Driving our information solutions is a proprietary knowledgebase populated and updated by external data sources, in-house experts, and a large network of independent clinical advisors, including some of the nation’s leading oncologists and pathologists.

CollabRx Solutions

For patients

Provides patients with information that may be relevant for treating their particular condition or disease.

For physicians

Provides sophisticated and intuitive decision support tools for medical tests and therapies.

For laboratories

Provides clinically interpretive content, personalized for each patient, as part of the reporting process.

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