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You depend on your laboratory equipment to work perfectly every time. Your LIS should too.

ClinLab is our proprietary Windows-based, Internet and web-enabled laboratory information management system. Designed by medical technologists, ClinLab is the ideal LIS solution, scalable from small point-of-care labs to large multi-user, multi-location clinical facilities.

ClinLab acts as a data warehouse for lab results and includes reporting, data acquisition, label printing, electronic signoff and more. It provides numerous interface capabilities to a multitude of reference labs and practice systems.

Key Features

  • PC network SQL based
  • Optional web order entry/view result 
  • Table-driven
  • Report routing 
  • 9 levels of menu access security
  • Test verification


ClinLab’s LIS solution is customized to meet the specific needs of your laboratory.


ClinLab’s LIS helps the labs communicate electronically with physicians and other departments. It can easily interface with other information systems including HIS / Practice Management / EMR. It also supports bi-directional interfaces to national and regional reference labs.


ClinLab’s LIS provides managers with a complete set of quality and control tools to meet the custom security needs of their facility as well as HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.


ClinLab’s LIS is a cost-effective way to acquire and maintain laboratory information, while installation and training are made easy.

ClinLab Solutions

Supports interfaces to all major reference labs

We provide an interface to any system with that capability. These can be “order and results” or “results only.”

All instrument interfaces are automatic and real time

No manual selecting, downloading or uploading by a technician. We support auto-validation on many of our interfaces.

Optional EMR package

Enables interface with the most popular EMR systems. Results can go directly into a providers’ EMR for an improved patient record and to fulfill federal government requirements.

ClinLab offers an LIS that:

  • Improves sample management 
  • Improves access to data 
  • Improves traceability
  • Automatically removes errors during manual calculation processing 
  • Captures data directly from laboratory instruments

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Rennova Health offers a complete solution, with faster turnaround times and more reliable and accurate results, in a manner that is safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant in all respects.

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