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Greater accuracy. Real-time access. Ten times faster than paper requisitions.


Laboratory tests are vital tools for diagnosis and patient care.

  • You need to know the right tests are ordered for every patient, every time.
  • You need access to test results in real time.
  • You need to know that your patient data is 100% secure all the time.

Advantage is a proprietary web-based ordering and reporting system created to meet these needs and more.

Key Features

  • Patient history at a glance
  • High-security, HIPAA-compliant server 
  • Remote access 24/7, including mobile
  • Patient data pre-populates subsequent requisitions 
  • No hardware upgrade, no installation
  • Easily integrates with EHR

Comprehensive features and access anytime, from anywhere

Submit lab requisitions, track samples and check patient results 24/7—all with a few simple clicks using your smartphone, tablet or any remote device. Our unique batch ordering feature allows you to order multiple lab tests with confidence up to ten times faster than using paper requisitions. Advantage also features:

  • Patient data that auto-populates
  • Data analytics and reports to enhance patient care and profitability
  • Critical alerts for non-compliance and flags for missing patient information
  • Notifications when billing has been printed and approved

Easy to implement, and even easier to use

Advantage is hosted on a high-security, HIPAA-compliant server. It easily integrates with your EHR, requires minimal training and is backed by dedicated service representatives and expert support teams that understand lab testing.

Advantage Solutions

Access and track results

Enables physicians to access and track patient results as easily as checking email.

Control samples

Gives providers control and supervision over samples at every step in the lifecycle of the specimen

Workload relief

Reduction of up to 5 hours of administrative workload per day.

Seamless integration

Enables seamless integration and improves practice cost-efficiency.

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Rennova Health offers a complete solution, with faster turnaround times and more reliable and accurate results, in a manner that is safe, secure and HIPAA-compliant in all respects.

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